Submission Topics

7th International e-HRM Conference

Submission Topics 2018-04-16T15:25:26+00:00

The HRM field needs to focus on non-routine, evidence-based, science-inspired, creative, and value-added actions. What should be the role of HRM in the 4.0 environment? How can HRM activities change to support sustainable 4.0 organizations? How to design a human-centered organization in a jobless scenario? What individual and organizational competencies will be required to meet the expectations of the latest 4.0 business developments? Which organizational solutions will enable a fruitful and creative collaboration between human beings and ‘smart things’? What will be the impact of the 4.0 revolution on employment relationships and management practices? How could HRM practices drive social value in the 4.0 scenario? How to cope with the ‘dark side’ of 4.0 industry and what should be the HRM role in trying to prevent social drawbacks? Moreover, how can research into HRM 4.0 issues inform whether, how and why changes occur?

Rigorous conceptual and empirical research that is relevant to organizational settings is called for. Papers submitted may include, but are not restricted to, the following themes:

Humans and work design in 4.0 era

  • Organization 4.0, flexible workplace, agile and smart working
  • Work, creativity, and technology
  • Design thinking and co-design
  • Virtual and augmented reality, collaboration, cooperation and team
  • Ethics and industry 4.0
  • Emotions, wellbeing and health in industry 4.0
  • Research methodologies and methods for understanding work and organization 4.0

Humans and HRM in 4.0 era

  • Conceptualization of electronic and digital HRM and their relationships with Strategic HRM
  • Changes in HRM requirements and competences for HRM 4.0
  • Applications of the Internet of Things and Cloud-based approaches to HRM
  • HRM 4.0, business and social performance
  • Big Data and HRM analytics
  • HRM 4.0 and international business
  • Sustainability and HRM 4.0
  • Social media and HRM
  • Social learning and HRM
  • HRM 4.0, work engagement and individual performance
  • Beyond HRM 4.0: further roles and impact of technology on HRM